4 Best Halloween-Themed, Spooky Paintings in History

Artists around the world have created spooky paintings that one can't help but admire. These paintings have a certain X-factor to them that makes your blood curdle and send shivers down your spine. This Halloween, we want to celebrate the scariest and darkest paintings in history that are sure to give you goosebumps.

Scary jack o' lanterns in the dark.


Here's a round-up of the four spookiest paintings in the world.

Caravaggio's Medusa

One of three Gorgons, Medusa is famous for being a scary beauty that had snakes for hair. She could turn people to with her mere gaze and was considered invincible until Perseus found a way to kill her. He found a way to get Medusa to look at herself in the mirror and turn herself to stone. He then presented her head to Athena, who carried it on her shield.


Caravaggio used this idea to paint this horrifying but popular piece. It shows Medusa's head on the shield that appears alive but is stoned in reality. The painting immediately leaves the viewer feeling distraught and scared by the look in Medusa's eyes.

Paul Reuben's Saturn Eating His Son

According to Greek mythology, Saturn was prophesied to be killed by one of his sons. As a result, he ate each of his newborn sons right after birth. Reuben uses this mythology in his famous painting to show Saturn as a ruthless killer who feeds on an infant while the dead infant has a frozen look on his face.


This painting depicts cannibalism in its scariest form, which leaves the viewer stunned.

Fuseli's The Nightmare

This painting is a depiction of one's worst nightmare. It shows a woman lying on a bed with her head hanging from the edge and her neck stretched across. She seems to be in deep slumber as a scary troll sits on her abdomen. In the background, you can see curtains and a scary stallion lurking in a corner.


The whole painting is Fuseli's metaphor about the nocturnal violation, bestiality, and murder. The small details are sure to knock the wind out of anyone who sees them.

Titian's The Flaying of Marsyas

Titian made this painting in the 1570s, and it shows Marsyas being tortured and flayed by a group of people. This painting is famously based on the Greek mythology that Marsyas was flayed after losing a musical competition against Apollo. The whole painting depicts the torture that he suffered and the response of those who were standing by.


Titian also included himself in the painting, looking at the upside-down, hanging body of Marsyas with a deeply worried expression on his face.

Blood moon in a dark night behind a bare tree.

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