4 Details to Add to Your Handmade Clothes

Handmade clothing can range from simple to extravagant, catering to different fashion tastes and events. You can work with any pattern, shape, and color to create a work of art to wear and express yourself in the best possible way. Sometimes, you want your clothes to have a little extra pizzaz to make an impact.

Clothing items laying on a surface with yellow flowers on top

Here are some details that you can add to your handmade clothing to spice up your closet:

Hand embroidery

Hand embroidery is one of the cheapest methods of adding little details to your clothing by yourself! With a $2 hoop and cheap threads in multiple colors, you can create various designs on your clothing by either purchasing patterns or drawing your own. There are no limits to personalization when it comes to embroidery, and you can add on more whenever you want! Play around with textures and thickness to make unique designs that are completely your own.


A little bit of dazzle can go a long way! You can add a few tasteful details around your clothing or go full-out disco ball and turn the whole piece into the center of attention at any party or event. You can either use a bedazzling machine or buy rhinestones that already have an adhesive at the back and need to be ironed on.

You can create fun slogans, fill in flower or butterfly patterns. Just let your creativity flow!


Paintings don’t only belong on the wall; they can be on your body as well! Get hold of multiple colors of fabric paint or acrylics and sketch out a design on your clothing in chalk. Paint over it after placing a piece of cardboard between the layers of clothing, so it doesn’t transfer onto the backside.

You’ll have to choose the right paint for different fabrics to have more control over the finished product. Just remember to do a pre-wash before painting to get rid of chemicals that may prevent the colors from adhering properly.

You have complete creative control and can go as wild as you want! Anything that you make will be unique, and you can boost your artistic prowess through the clothes on your body.

Sew some bows on

Bows can instantly make anything look cuter and more feminine. If you want to do some easy customization on your clothing, you can add some well-placed bows to take your simple t-shirt or jacket to another level. It’s best to sew the fabric or the bows on, but you can use fabric glue if needed.

Sew together 2 pieces of ribbons at the back of an open-back shirt or dress, tying them together to create an adorable bow in the middle. You can also sew tiny bows down the sleeves of your jacket or tie one around your waist!

Photo to hand embroidery of a flower wreath

Turn pictures into embroidery for personalized clothing!

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