4 Photography Hacks to Level Up Your Game

Photography is such an interesting and stimulating field because there's always a more creative thing or technique to know! If you've recently entered the photography scene, you're in for an exciting time because there are many tactics you've yet to learn to craft more visually compelling images.

A man is holding a camera as it seemingly levitates in the forest, turning photos into art

Let's list down some photography hacks.

Hack #1. Use Color Psychology To Your Advantage

It'll help you to learn a little about how human beings perceive color. Each color will be linked to a perception in the viewer's eyes and so, when you're deciding colors for your shoot and post-production editing, keep said perceptions in mind.

You can create beautiful images that have colors that clash precisely. You can do this by choosing colors on the color wheel that are on opposite ends from one another. These complementary colors work well together because they help highlight the subject you have in mind.

Hack #2. Utilize Negative Space

Negative space, for lack of better terms, refers to relatively "empty" space in an image, such as a sky or clear water. These spaces are highly valuable when used appropriately because they can let your image "breathe," allowing the viewer to take in what's most important in the picture.

In this way, negative space can help create a sense of serenity.

Hack #3. Lighting Will Make or Break Your Photo

Leading lines in an image with a woman holding a camera

It's vital to use natural light whenever possible. If natural light isn't possible at the time or doesn't make sense for your image, make sure the subject you're highlighting is well-lit and facing the light source you have for the image.

Hack #4. Don't Forget About Leading Lines

Leading lines are implicit lines in an image that help guide the viewer's attention toward a specific subject. They add a unique perspective to the image and helps put things in focus. It's a particularly useful tip in portrait photos when you want to turn photos into art like oil paintings.

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