4 Reasons Why Oil Paintings are in a League of their Own

Oil paintings have been around since the 15th century – and for good reason! They have a unique quality that sets them apart from other kinds of paintings. They have been especially popular in the Western art scene for ages.

Oil paintings were used to depict the complexities and the stories that took place in several eras. They were used to bring time to a standstill and tell detailed anecdotes with the strokes of the paintbrush.

Mixing red, white, and brown oil paints to create new colors.

Keep reading to find out what puts oil paintings in a league of their own.

1.     Longevity and Classic Appearance

With appropriate maintenance, oil paintings have a long life. While oil paints are naturally prone to cracking, they have longevity, unlike any other media. A well-preserved oil painting can last for centuries and still have the same classic appearance that it initially boasted of. In fact, the monetary value of antique oil paintings lies in their maturity and age.

It also retains its glossiness over time and appears fresh and new. If transferred to a sturdy, good-looking frame, the oil painting can become even more classic and beautiful to the audience.

2.     Striking Colors

Most artists and connoisseurs would agree that oil paintings have the most striking colors. This is partly because oil paints don’t require dilution. They are used in their opaque form and layered on top of each other to give a striking look.

With the right mixing, artists can create new colors that give the paintings the desired look. It’s these attractive colors that have always put oil paintings in a league of their own. 

Picture of palette knives, paintbrush, and oil paints by a lit candle.

3.     Popularity amongst Artists

From Botticelli to Da Vinci, oil paintings have been the most popular medium for centuries. Since it has always been so popular amongst most established artists, oil paintings have developed a great reputation over time.

The artists like oil painting for its many positive characteristics, including rework on the painting until it dries. Since most artists take a while to finish one piece, oil paints allow them to edit the paintings before drying up. They can also add minute details to the painting over time by layering the paint on the canvas.

4.     Oil Painting Techniques

Oil paintings use several techniques such as scumbling, glazing, underpainting, etc., that can be used to create unique art pieces. With the appropriate brushes and palette knives, each stroke of the painting is nuanced and striking.

Since most of these techniques are unique to oil painting, they add value to the final painting and make them far superior to normal watercolor, acrylic, and gouache paintings. Oil paintings can also be given a 3D embossed appearance that makes them particularly attractive and realistic.

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