Artistic Gifts to Give to Your Loved Ones

Every single occasion or event that comes by forces you to come up with the best gift idea to outdo all the previous gifts you gave to the person. Thinking of a gift to give to your loved ones is a complete task on its own. You must always make sure to put thought into your gift so that your loved one feels special on the momentous occasion.

Gift wrapped in brown paper with a pink ribbon


You don’t need to rack your brain for the perfect gift idea for your loved one. To make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of artistic yet thoughtful gift ideas that you can use. These are sure to earn you some brownie points and make your loved ones feel valued.

Handmade Embroidered Pieces

A great way to pour thought into your gift is to make or order custom handmade embroidered artwork for your loved ones. You can get an embroidered portrait made for them or write in a stitched message or quotes paired with beautiful floral or abstract designs.

Customized Gift Basket

A customized gift basket can include beautiful things like handmade soap, scented candles, message in a bottle, and more. All these things can aesthetically be placed in a basket that’s decorated with dried flowers and rustic embellishments.

Artsy Wooden Plaques

Wooden plaques can be placed around the house to add aesthetic value to the interior décor. You can get a custom-made wooden plank with a quote and a beautiful floral design that your loved one can add to their home. You can also customize the wordings on the plank to convey a message to them.

Gifts wrapped in brown paper with rustic embellishments.

Hand-Painted Portrait/Caricature

One of the cutest things you can do for your loved ones is to get a nicely made portrait or caricature for them. You can either convert a picture to art or get one made out of scratch. Make sure to add small details to the art to customize it completely. Also, use colors and themes that are unique to your relationship with them.

Convert Your Photos to Art

Our qualified artists at FotoKreation can convert your beautiful and memorable photos to custom oil paintings,3D embossed oil paintings and hand embroidery. It’s the best way thing you can give to your loved ones to make them feel special and commemorate a beautiful memory with them.


We aim to ensure that you’re completely satisfied with the order before delivering it to you. For this reason, we take 8-12 weeks to deliver you the perfect piece and make any changes you require in the meanwhile. Whether you’re a local or an international customer, our priority is to serve you with the best.


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