Creating Art with Embroidery

Embroidery has always been one of the greatest art forms to have existed. While it may take a while to complete a piece, a handmade embroidered piece is well worth the time and effort that goes into it.


The best part about embroidery is that it gives a perfect look with the right colors and a textured appearance. You can also use several different techniques to nail the final look. Even as a beginner, you can use simple embroidery stitches to get the perfect art piece.

Tribal art embroidery on black fabric.


If you want to create art with embroidery, here are a few ideas that you can experiment with.

Scene Depiction

Complete scenes can be depicted using embroidery. You can trace people, objects, and virtually anything you want on the fabric. Using appropriate stitches, you can depict the perfect scene in your art. For example, you can recreate a scene like The Last Supper on fabric and complete the art piece with intricate strokes and stitches.


One of the best (and easiest) ways of creating art using embroidery is writing down fabric quotes. These quotes can be customized, or you can choose generic ones depending on what you’re looking for. Make sure to use good calligraphic techniques to trace the quote beforehand and then use appropriate stitches to finish it off.


You can also pair the quote with other design elements such as flowers, aesthetic arrows, and any other embellishment that matches your theme.


Floral designs are easy to make on fabric, and you can use multiple stitch techniques to nail the look. There are stitches like lazy-daisy, flower weaves, stem stitch, etc., that can help you achieve the perfect flowers. Make sure to pick the right colors for your flowers and complement them with shaded leaves and properly drawn stems. You can also complement the floral design with other kinds of art like quotes, portraits, etc.

Floral embroidery on fabric with wooden hoop.


Mandalas are traditional Indian geometric patterns that go inside a circle. These patterns are symmetric and have intricate designs on them. These are abstract and don’t have much meaning behind them but add to the aesthetic appeal. You should choose your colors carefully when embroidering the mandala and maintain uniformity across the art piece.


You can also create proper portraits with embroidery. Find a reference picture and choose your threads and stitches carefully to get the perfect look. You can also get your threads dyed to match the color to your exact specifications.

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