Everything You Need to Know About International Artist Day

Every year on 25th October, the world comes together and celebrates artists and art on International Artist Day. This day is commemorated in the memory of the artists that change the world and ones that continue to produce quality art every single day.

paint palette and brush.


Regardless of their age, status, work, and income, every artist deserves appreciation and should be celebrated in all their glory. If you’re interested in learning more about this day, here’s everything you need to know.

American Art Scene

While the world’s collective love for art had shown face in many eras, such as Renaissance, art wasn’t fully commemorated until later. It all started in 1961 when President Kennedy settled a salary dispute between the American Federation of Musicians and the Metropolitan Opera in favor of the former. This was the first time a US president had taken a stance in favor of artists.


He soon developed the reputation of being appreciative of art and artists. As a result, the National Cultural Center was converted to “Kennedy Center” and was given $23 million to begin construction. Following Kennedy’s lead, President Johnson also started the National Endowment for the Arts.


In 1970s, players in the business community like Mobil Oil also started spreading art amongst the masses. This greatly developed a newfound artistic appreciation amongst artists and the general public.


About a decade later, when Reagan was appointed POTUS, the artists found more appreciation than ever. Being a former actor himself, Reagan made it a point to engage private entities to strengthen the nation’s love for the arts.


Currently, the Museum of Modern Arts, New York, is standing tall and proud as an important landmark of the country. The whole space is an ode to amazing art and artists in history, and it remains open and free for the public.  

History of International Artist Day

Canadian artist, Chris MacClure, was the one who founded International Artist Day. He started the day as a way of celebrating artists around the world and encouraging an appreciation for art and creativity. His paintings are most famous for being of the “Romantic Realism” category, and his work has made great waves across the world.

abstract multicolored painting.

What You Can Do on International Artist Day

Celebrating International Artist Day is all about finding ways to appreciate artists and develop some level of artistic abilities. If you’re wondering how you can celebrate this special day, here are a few things that you can do to commemorate this event.

Do It Yourself

The best way to appreciate art is to do it yourself. If you want to celebrate this occasion, pour yourself some wine and pick a paintbrush to get started. If you like to play an instrument, you can take out some time to play it on this day. Meet with your friends and make a whole event out of it.

Buy Art

If you wish to appreciate the artist and encourage them, you must find ways to buy art. This is the best way to motivate them to keep producing art.

Go to an Art Museum

Develop a whole new appreciation for art by visiting a nearby art museum. Learn about the history of those art pieces and understand the subtle nuances in each of them.

Convert Photo to Art

On this day, you can also find artists who can convert your pictures to oil painting, hand embroidery, 3D embossed paintings, and more.


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