Freezing Memories: The Importance of Photography

Hanging pictures

Photography is a form of art that connects the visual appreciation of the artist and the viewer. Before the 18th century, when Joseph Nicéphore Niépce of France captured the first permanent image, only talented artists could explain themselves with lifelike images.

Fortunately, today we can capture realistic images with our smartphones, giving us more freedom to express ourselves via the camera lens in an attempt to appreciate art.  Here’s why we believe in freezing memories and moments forever:

A woman photographing with her camera

Requires Creativity And Imagination

Capturing a shot requires creative thinking and imagination, but to capture it perfectly needs knowledge as well. With time, photographers figure the best methods to capture extraordinary stills of ordinary subjects, projecting it to the world with creativity. The best approach to learning photography is by understanding aperture, ISO, and shutter speed.

Captures Emotion

Artistic photographs are timed perfectly, with the anticipation of minute details that contribute to bigger moments. The detailing is where the emotions reside most often, and only an experienced photographer knows how to find peaceful, happy moments in a noisy world. It would be best if you made a reasonable attempt to eliminate the distractions and balance the level of the horizon by adjusting your composition.

Did you know that you’re required to ‘train your eyes’ in order to look at art with a broader perspective and not just based on the visual information obtained?

Required Analytical Skills

Photographers master the art of preserving a moment with the use of technical skills. They make use of a range of apertures, shutter speeds, and other number-based aspects when taking a shot. Moreover, they play around with filters, depth of field, and lens to address various concerns which the layman may not know of, such as avoid overexposing the highlights of a photo as it becomes impossible to retain the details from a white area.

Understanding Physics

Utilizing science in photography is the job of experienced artists who have accumulated data regarding how optics, angles, camera, and lighting intensity works. An understanding of these elements is reflected upon the message being conveyed through the artwork by balancing the subject and the background. You must always pay attention to the softness and direction of light to avoid unflattering images.

Comprehending Abstraction

Abstraction is a process where information is intentionally left out in order to create more room for different interpretations. An experienced photographer sees beyond the perspective of the original shot. Although random, abstraction includes conceptual knowledge regarding elements such as color, lines, geometric shapes, and texture. Remember to slow down and take your time to perfect each picture.

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