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6 Oil Painting Techniques to Look Out For

Oil paints are often considered a daunting medium for those who have no expertise in the area. Beginners tend to shy away from it and resort to other media like acrylics and watercolors. However, oil painting isn’t as difficult as it may appear. With a few simple techniques, you can master the art and create the perfect pieces in no time!   Here are six major oil painting techniques that are commonly used to create the perfect art pieces. Chiaroscuro This technique is used to create contrasts between the dark and the light aspects in the painting. It was particularly famous amongst artists that existed during the Renaissance as their paintings focused on scene depiction. In this technique, the artists...

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6 Pro Tips for Using Color in Photography

In the 1860s, color photography theories first started emerging. However, it wasn’t until the 1890s that the first viable process was developed to capture a colored picture. By now, color photography has evolved, and so have its techniques. Professional photographers now use colors in the photograph to tell stories. If you’re an amateur photographer, here are six pro tips you can follow for effective use of color in your photography. 1.     Use Negative Space The negative space of a photo is the space between and around the subject of your photo. When taking a colored picture, make sure to use negative space that makes your subject pop. Your subject’s outline should not only be prominent against this space; it should...

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4 Famous Landscape Paintings of All Time

For a long time, landscape paintings weren’t considered like other sought-after painting genres such as portraits, history paintings, still life, etc. It didn’t emerge as a full category of its own in the 17th century when several artists came together to revolutionize this genre. From nature to urban settings, landscape paintings today depict a range of scenes that are appreciated by the audience. The key to a good landscape painting lies in the minute details that the painter adds to it. It’s these details that add a realistic look to the paintings. Here are four of the most famous landscape paintings of all time and why they became so widely appreciated. Spring or Earthly Paradise by Poussin Nicholas Poussin is...

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