Two-piece suit
Two-piece suit
Two-piece suit
Two-piece suit
Two-piece suit

Two-piece suit

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Can’t find your size? Well, not everyone has a super model figure. Also, you just want to sketch your own clothing instead of just relying on designers to do so. What happens when you rely on them is that you end up loving the front but hating the back. Or the sleeves are just not quite to your taste.

Suits can be divided into slim fit suit, classic fit suit, modern fit suit, single breasted suit (most common for the office wear), and double-breasted suit. When it comes to lapel, there are notch, shawl, peak. Next, vents are another feature, with ventless, single vent, double vent. For gentlemen these can be paired with flat front pants, pleated pants, or cuffed pants. For ladies, they can be paired with skirt: A line, fitted, gathered, mini, flared, draped, layered, circle, trumpet, wrap, divided, pleated, asymmetrical hem, bubble, balloon, yoke, or tiered.   

We offer several types of fabric: cotton, linen, wool, silk, and mixed fabric (cotton mix linen, cotton mix wool, and cotton mix silk). Cotton, linen, silk, cotton mix linen, and cotton mix silk are more appropriate for summer and spring whereas wool and cotton mix wool are more appropriate for winter and fall. We do not recommend silk or cotton mix silk fabric for men suits.

Picking a color that highlights the color of your eyes is a no brainer. You should also choose cooler tone of winter and fall wear yet warmer color for summer and spring. There are universal colors that can match any skin tone such as true black, pure white, blush pink, eggplant, teal, and true red. If you are unsure of the type of fabric or color to pick, please reach out to us (415) 608-5796 and we’d be more than happy to help.    

If you have sketched your dream suit, please upload one picture. If you need our help sketching your dream suit, add picture with clear labels (example: front, side, back, collar, sleeves…) and any additional comments you may have.       

Please follow the pictures for instructions on how to measure yourself. These measurements can be taken in centimeters or inches, please use the drop-down menu to choose whichever you are most comfortable with. Please note that these are form fitting measurements, no need to leave breathing room. Ladies, if you intend to wear a push-up bra, butt lifter or any shapewear with you suits, please wear them when measuring yourself.

Choose child if under 18 or the gender you identify yourself most with (can be different from the one on your birth certificate) and place your order.



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Do not measure loosely or tightly. Wear comfortable form fitting clothes. Please follow the interactive direction in each box.
Ladies, if you intend to wear high heels, a push-up bra, butt lifter or any shapewear with the item ordered, please wear them when measuring yourself.
Name * Click on each textbox to view the direction 14 Back neck to waist
Email *

Jacket/Dress length: from scruff to below your butt for suits or from scruff to wherever you want your dress to be.
15 Front neck to waist
cm inch 16 Neck
      17 Pants length
1 Jacket/Dress length 18 Hip *
2 Sleeve length 19 Thigh
3 Armpit 20 Knee
4 Biceps 21 Shoulders
5 Elbow 22 Jacket's sleeve
6 Bust circumference * 23 Height (without shoes)*
7 Upper bust 24 Weight
8 Low neck to nipple 25 Gender
9 Distance nipples 26. Note:

27. Your picture
10 Front bust width
11 Back bust width
12 Normal waist *
13 Lower waist